Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh my beloved Spanx

How do I love thee my beloved new Spanx? I love the fact that even though I must jump off the top of my house to get into you, that I look smooth and lean once you are on. I love that you hide those yummy holiday goodies in which I have already indulged.

Ah, yes, if I could write poetry (nope - can't) I would write one heck of a love sonnet to you.

And - I'm definitely not getting any sort of kickback for this endorcement, but - let me tell you - if ANY Spanx products showed up on my doorstep I would definitely NOT complain (wink, wink - nudge, nudge). C'mon little Spanx elves - give a girl some love...


carla said...

an ode 2 U my precious SPANX
tis the season so I give you THANX

You hold me in with yer loving touch
Thats why I LOVE you OH SO MUCH.

Trice said...

I sure wish I'd read this before my last weekend trip. I'd ordered lipo in a box after seeing it on Oprah, but it did not come int time. I saw spanx in a dept store, but was skeptical. I'm going back to get them :) Thanks.

channelmarker said...

OMG!! I saw a special about nobodies who became millionaires and the maker of Spanx was on it. I also just saw them at Nordstrom's Rack last weekend for only 10.00, but still was skeptical. I am soooo going to get them now!! THANKS!!