Monday, November 12, 2007

Winter in Virginia Part II

Thanks for all the great comments I got on my Winter has arrived in Virginia post. You guys had some great tips! As a result, I'm happy to report that you all successfully got me off my wimpy butt and out on the path and I had a great 6 mile run that morning! The cold was only a factor for the first few minutes but I started off slow, dressed for the weather and had a great run. I'm hoping to keep up this trend and become a fan of running in the cold like Kimberly because I am not looking forward to being banished in doors already. And another thing Kimberly, you are so right, it isn't that cold and I totally agree, I'm sure there are a lot of people out there laughing at my wimpyness over the weather! : )
This weekend, I am participating in a Thanksgiving run - the Freeze Your Gizzard 5k - at Ida Lee Park. I'm sure it's going to be quite chilly on Saturday morning but I'll be ready for it!


just4ofus said...

I trained all winter last year, outside snow and all, and I think that it made my winter happier.
Not that when I was doing it there were not unhappy or complaining moments.. THERE WHERE!
But it was good to get outside.
Plus I can only run about 3 miles on a treadmill before I want to rip my eyes out from boredom.
And Mizuno is making a new product that turns your sweat warm to your body in the cold weather. I bought the pants.

Kimberly said...

Yaaaay! Nice work! I am so glad you got back out there.
And hey, I think it's cold here too!
Definitely check out some Under Armour tights if you haven't tried them before, and if you plan to run all winter. t's totally worth it!
Have fun at your Thanksgiving Run!!!