Saturday, November 03, 2007

Adding Miles and Time: Tips Needed!

In my on-going quest to pace myself so that I can add mileage to my runs, I've decided to do two things: (1) add distance slowly to the middle of my runs, and (2) concentrate on time run rather than worrying so much about miles covered.
I decided to add a bit to the middle of my run because every time I would try to add to the end, I just couldn't do it. Psychologically, I couldn't make my brain agree with my legs and keep running past my house in order to get more time/mileage and physically, I was beat. My front door and the couch that I know sat just beyond it were just too tempting. Today, in the middle of my typical out and back route, I kept going at my usual turn around. This helped quite a bit. I wasn't totally fatigued like at the end of my run but I also wasn't gung-ho sprinter girl like at the beginning of my run so I was smart about how much distance I added. As for my second plan, adding time, by focusing on the minutes rather than miles, I have found that I am able to slow down. I have added time in small, 5 minute increments every other run so it's not that noticeable at the time, but is really adding up. I'm curious to hear if you guys have any tips for those of us trying to add distance to our runs.


mom2zayna said...

Keep up the good work! You sound more motivated than you give yourself credit for being. I'm proud of you for even 'thinking' about adding mileage or time.

I usually try to find circular loops instead of out-and-backs. That way you aren't tempted to turn around early or not go further. You can go to to find routes in your neighborhood or plan your own routes. It is fun and very cool.

Trice said...

You're doing great. I find that adding a walk out to the greater distance helps and eventually you are running the entire distance. I also use goo or water bottle on really long runs. At the 5 mile mark I'll plant a water bottle and eat a goo. Knowing a treat awaits is helpful to me. I think miles covered is more important than time. Way to go. You have a great attitude.

Anonymous said...

I've increased my distance with interval training. I think you're doing a great job.