Friday, November 30, 2007

Bad, bad blogger.

please to know Im giving myself 0387420478 lashes with a wet (low carb) noodle.

may I pathetically state that, even though Ive been UpToHere with work, life and toddlerville, I still have been working out (not that THAT'S pathetic...I mean using it as an excuse :))

this morning I was thisclose to losing my mind at the gym daycare woman when she sauntered in at 910 (the place opens, technically anyway, at 845) and we (the royal. really my daughter) had a class at 925.

I didnt however.

I smiled.

Tossed, errr, handed over my daughter.

and proceeded to lift weights for the eight minutes I had.

whats the point of my post? (besides NOT MUCH) I command all of you to do what I SO RARELY do: dont blow off the work out but use the time youre given.

happy happy FRIDAY!

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