Monday, November 05, 2007

What do WE think?

the royal we I mean.

Check this out:

Now, at first I thought it was pretty cool!

Lots of us are trying to lose weight and what better motivator than slapping a photo up of YOUR OWN DANG SELF on the fridge (or Heidi Klum now that we've established that she works at staying fit & all)?

and then I thought.

for a while.

and did a 180.

I mean, unlike a HAIR CUT where there's no going back (& it's a gift to be able to check out what youd look like with Reece Witherspoon bangs BEFORE snatching the scissors) most of us are aware we'll look pretty fab after we shed the pounds.

I "get" the notion of motivation but am now stuck on wondering whether it doesnt emphasize the wrong thing.

me? as I edge toward 40 Im less obsessed with the LOOKS of it all and more obsessed with seeing my daughter walk down the aisle/meeting my grandkids/the HEALTH of it all.



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be a size 6 again for all the carrot sticks in the world. I am healthier and stronger and SEXIER than I have ever been in my life. AAMAF, I wrote a column about how I outlawed the word FAT in my house and replaced it with the words HEALTHY and UNHEALTHY.
We simply must accept ourselves if we want to have any hope of our daughters escaping, self-esteems intact.

Trice said...
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