Saturday, November 03, 2007

Aw, gee shucks it really happened

I'm not sure if I mentioned among my many roles that I'm also a homeschool Mom to a 6th grade gal. The 3d grader is in school, the preschooler goes if he feels like it, and the 10 month old likes to go anywhere.

The 6th grader just finished her soccer season and since we homeschool it is important to us as a family that she get excercise every day. My husband suggested she run with me and I was sort of intrigued about how good of a run I would get in. We went during lunch on Friday and I lifted weights earlier just to ensure that I was getting a workout regardless of how the run went. We took off and I was so happy to tell her about warming up with a walk/gentle jog first. Show her my route and how I run across a railroad trestle that she should not. I chatted about form and not clenching your fists and keeping your shoulders back and down. She's a sweet girl and listened and smiled at me nicely. I told her about walk breaks that will keep you out there and enable you to make it entirely running after a while. In the middle of the run I explained what a fartlek is and what a great training tool it is. She suggested we run to a pole and we did. She seemed a bit faster than I expected, but I wasn't thinking too much of it. My husband and I always sprint the last straight away of every run and I told her we'd be doing this. We get to the end and the girl beat me fair and square. She is really faster than me. I've always been fast- sort of smugly so now that I think of it and my 11 almost 12 year old sprinted and I could not keep up. Wow, what a day. Love it. She is empowered too. This little one has been to way too many races watching Mommy run. She's come of age. Gosh, do you think periods could be next?


mom2zayna said...

This story absolutely warmed my heart and made me smile! What an incredible feeling to watch your child excel in something you hold dear. I cannot wait! My 3.5 year old has raced in 3 1K races. Nope, I didn't push it. She asked to do it! She loves it. Runs the entire way, smiling and laughing. This is truly why seeMOMMYrun is so powerful. WE ROCK AS ROLE MODELS LADIES!!!

Anonymous said...

I bought my daughter her first pair of running shoes the other day and her face just lit up at the sensation--nothing like a good pair of running shoes!
Trice, I think you rock!

Trice said...

Thanks Ladies. I feel the same way. It is really why as Mommies we do what we do. The future depends on it.