Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rain Smain!

I have the most supportive husband ever: he is 100% behind me in my 1/2 marathon dream and will give me an enthusiastic "Go for it!" whenever I ask for a spare hour or so to go for a run. He works from our home and when not on the road, is always willing to hang with our 4-year-old during his lunch hour so I can get a short run in. Today was such a day. I was trying to talk myself into the idea of getting out there because (a) it's my day to run! and (b) it was 58 out and I know these kind of days are soon to be a thing of the past. However, I spent the morning cleaning after having house guests and feeling that overall post-holiday sluggishness (sluggishness?) feelings so I was willing to skip the run and was even preparing excuses when my perfect man came up the basement stairs and said "I'm going make lunch for me and Q so you can go for a run if you want." Seriously? How am I supposed to be a sloth and make some lame excuse after that perfect husbandness?? I quickly geared up and out I went.

My plan was to get in at least my normal 4 mile run but I really think I need to start bumping up my short runs in addition to my long runs. I went out with the feeling of 'go for 4, but 4.5 or 5 would be even better'. I went a totally different route as a last minute decision as well. I got about a half mile from my house when the rain started. It was just a light drizzle and it wasn't cold out so it actually felt kind of good. I stuffed my iPod up my sleeve to keep it dry (I can't seem to find a holder that I like) and kept moving. It stopped as quickly as it started but then 5 minutes later, started back up. This starting/stopping went on and on every 5 minutes or so for a bit but then on the back part of my route, I got to the base of the 'big stupid I hate you bastard never ending hill' hill and it really started to come down. It was one of those moments when I was feeling really into it, having a great run but the combination of the hill and the hard falling rain could have sent me either way. This is one of those times when I realize just how much of running is psychological. I had a little inner chat about how this was no big deal and it worked. Off I went, up that damn hill and I felt great. I ended up running 5.5 miles today which I think is good for me right now, for a 'short run' day. Shows me that even on days when I don't think I can do it, I can. Thanks to my inner chat and my super supportive fantastic and easy on the eyes husband!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Makes me wish I was there pacing it out with you.