Sunday, November 11, 2007

time change lament.

For some reason after a day or so my daughter easily adapted to the falling back.

She's an up at 5 down at 6 (am and pm respectively. her day isnt only an hour long) kid of gurl and after 2 mornings of up at FOUR even she had enough.

Me? for some reason *I* am up at four...have been up at four since the time change I mean.

there's nothing better than having this quiet hour or so to work and nothing WORSE than the brutal realization that I'll be tired around 7 when the toddler tornado is just getting going.

that's about it from this None Too Motivational Mama this morning.

Oooh, except the fact that I WILL be working out in 3 or 4 hours (is that motivating or tiring sounding? I cant tell.) AND Im working on a new project which will involve workout demos (nongym. with your toddler in tow :)), free and a blog.

Good times.

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