Thursday, February 28, 2008

You can judge a good woman... how many well-dressed children she has and the contentment of of her husband.

Are you ready for a giggle or two? Check out The Good Wife Guide published by Cider Mill Press Book Publishers of Kennebunkport, Maine. I have never seen anything so hilarious in my entire life. It's a, get this, board book that lists 19 rules for keeping a happy husband, and urges the reader to 'be all the wife he needs'.

Now, I did get these rules in a fwded e-mail and I thought the e-mail was cute--right before I deleted it without forwarding it. But the book...

Last night I tried some of the rules out on my husband. When he failed to respond, I chided myself (out loud) for being such a bad wife and resolved to study the rules right then and there. Plopping down on the sofa, I opened my new "study manual". My husband just looked at me like he usually does when strangeness overcomes my senses. After studying the cover for a moment, however, he busted out laughing.

Check out Cider Mills Press, while you're at it. Although the website Cider Mill Press isn't up yet, there is a prompt to email John, the founder, which I did and found him to be a completely decent human being. He'll send you the catalog as a PDF if you ask him. It's worth your time. Great titles. Great line of books. Excellent humor. Which we all need.

Sorry, Ladies. I'm trying to get the link to go straight to the book but can't seem to get it done. Maybe crumbs can enlighten me...

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Trice said...

I think Good Housekeeping did this in the 1950s and said to go put make-up on (ha); have garlic/onions in a frying pan to make the kitchen smell good (I always wonder about how you would explain no meal but a good smell).
I'll go look at this-- too funny.