Monday, February 04, 2008

My first time...

it's still fresh in my mind. The year was 1970-something and the nation had just caught jogging fever. My father, who also became entangled in the pop psychology craze of the day, became an immediate and (briefly) dedicated runner. Every time he donned those blue satin short with gold piping and oh-so-cool Nike jogging shoes, I was right there.
"Can I go? Can I go??"
He would have told me no had it not been for my mother, elbow deep in dinner preparation, who made it clear that I should be allowed to tag along.
And I ran. With my father.
I don't know if he slowed down for me, but I always managed to keep up through the golf course and across the base.
I'd caught the bug. I was a runner.

Tell me about your first time...


Crumbs said...

That's cool. What great bonding - being together under the influence of running endorphins. Must have been really good for your relationship.

I started running when I was helping organize a 5K fundraiser. My boss said, "If you're going to run (as in organize) this event, you're going to have to be able to run it." Alas, a jogger was born...I've grown up to be a runner.

Anonymous said...

I truly hope that my daughter and son will be you thirty years from now. Since they are young, I don't take them too far but I hope the love starts early for them.

I don't remember when I became a runner. I think I wanted to run after we did a timed mile at school. I couldn't believe I ran a whole MILE.

Katy said...

I never had any intention of being a runner. Run? Without being chased? But WHY??? Then for some reason I decided I wanted to run a 5k, to see if I could. That was March 2002. My first marathon was October 2002. I wouldn't say it was love at first sight, but I knew it was something I could do, and something I would grow to love.