Saturday, February 09, 2008

Last, but not least (I think)

I think I may be the very last of this group to give my two-cents worth regarding the Corazonas Tortilla Chips. You see, I'm a bit anal - probably a bit OCD to be honest. I could not just simply try each Corazonas Tortilla Chips flavor myself. I had to set up taste-tests for a few select family and friends. This was quite an interesting experiment and - of course - took a while to complete.

I started off my series of taste-tests when a friend of mine brought over her two children (ages 5 & almost 2) to play with my two girls (5-year-old twins). I put out the chips in individually labeled containers (did I mention I'm anal?) and all of us dove in. BY FAR - the Black Bean Dip flavor won out for all us. In fact, the 1 year old kept chips in each hand the whole time they were here. A close second was the Salsa Picante flavor.

The second taste-test involved my husband and my parents who were in town visiting. Now, my dad is a Ruffles man. He's not into any sort of "health" food and would be just fine never putting anything named "healthy" in his mouth (love ya Dad, but you know I'm right). I truly didn't think he would like any of the chips, because - even though they are good - they are not Ruffles (thank goodness). He actually liked the "Original" flavored ones the best. If nothing else came out of this whole "review" process, at least my Dad now knows some healthy things can actually taste good.

So, after a few more taste-tests involving additional friends and random people off the street (just kidding about that last part), we determined we really like these chips. The most popular flavors were the Black Bean Dip and Original, and we've been on the hunt for them in our local stores ever since.

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Crumbs said...

Alright, I missed the Chip Boat, and these reviews have driven me into a frenzy looking for them. They are not to be found in S. Florida.