Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Running for Sanity!

I have been stuck on the couch with a sick 4-year-old glued to me for 3 days now. Fortunately for me, my husband works out of the house so today, I begged him to take a long lunch so I could hit the gym for a quick run. I haven't run since Friday and was feeling the stress of a having a sick kid and being stuck in the house and seriously was ready to explode. Either he felt sorry for me or was terrified at my look of desperation (and it's also possible that I've been a bit of a bitch due to the stress....but I seriously doubt it!) because he happily took my spot on the couch at noon and off I went. I had 1 hour. One glorious hour out of the house! Allowing for the drive up and back, I decided to run for 45 minutes. I jumped on, cranked up the speed, put my head down and just ran. Within 5 minutes, I had forgotten about the fever, the snot, the coughing and the couch and was feeling so much better. Before I knew it, 46 minutes had gone by and it was time to go. But now that I'm back home and have 5 strong miles in, I'm in a much better place to hang out with Quinn. My patience is back and I'm no longer growling. Thank goodness I found running otherwise I'd be a total nut case.


Crumbs said...

Remember those old commercials "Calgon....take me away"? Our generation of mothers is more like "Nike...take me away!"

Kimberly said...

Crumbs is funny! And accurate!

Hopefully you boosted your immunity, too! Good choice to get out!

I am sort of comforted by the fact that your 4 year old still needs you though! I've only got 2 more months of "3" left and was starting to get sad!

our little world said...

Crumbs - you are SO right!!! haha!

Kimberly - I agree, there is something to be said for the fact that he still just wants his mommy! I'm sure I'll be missing these days soon enough.

Shelley said...

I have always said that running is my form of therapy. Plus, we are tightwads, and the fact that running is a WHOLE LOT cheaper than therapy just makes it even better!