Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Inexperience therefore idiot about wine

OK gals, I keep hearing the positive health benefits of red wine. I also recently learned that purple grape juice is good but NOT AS good as actual wine ( something about the ETOH helping). Problem is, I've never been a fan of wine....(I know.....I can hear the stunned gasps.......) I myself am a martini / gin & tonic /jagermeister kind of lady. (Can one drink Jager and still be a lady?!?)
I need some help. I definately don't like dry wines AT ALL. I can only choke the stuff down if it is sweeter and fruity. Don't gag, but last night I tried a Shiraz......with Splenda in it. I could only get 1/2 a glass down which is 1/2 glass more than if it didn't have Splenda.
All suggestions appreciated!!


Crumbs said...

Just don't drink it. I think it's as "good for you" as the flavanols are in dark chocolate - just a justification to keep eating/drinking it, rather than a dose of medicine.

(oh, and of course a lady can drink Jager...just not more than 3. Not even Julie Andrews is a lady after 3 Jagers).

carla said...

ok I laughed out LOUD at the splenda.

are you ME?

thats so something Id do.

Im with crumbs BUT my hubby adores the yellowtail shiraz.


Crumbs said...

Don't get me wrong - I have NO problem drinking wine, but I can understand others no liking it.

Actually - I should have mentioned that you should try Sangria. I think the sweetness might override the health, but there is fruit in it and that's got to count for something!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...dry red wine...with grapes, dry cheese or Brie and table (water?) crackers...little purple devil's horns sprouting from the corners of my mouth...mmmmm

Katy said...

Ah, I love a good challenge! We may have to work quickly to get you squared away before you head off to NC, but surely there's a wine out there for you!

Actually, I have a fruity red table wine languishing away in a wine rack right now, wishing there was someone to drink it. We'll have to have a mom's night in very soon!!

channelmarker said...

Thanks ladies! Perhaps it is one of those things that I will "aquire" a taste. I'll keep trying new varieties and keep the Splenda close at hand. Carla, thank you for admitting you'd do the same....makes me feel less like an anomoly!
Katy, I will hold you to that! I'll bring the Splenda!!

Anonymous said...

And me, Channelmarker? No comments for me?????

channelmarker said...

Ok, if you must know skd, after reading yours, i whipped up some brie with puff pastry and Sugar free apricot jam (somehow I justified the fat/calories of the rest with "sugar-free jam....) and had it with some Spenda enhance red wine.....I am BOUND & DETERMINED to like the stuff someday!!
Didn't mean to neglect your internet hug!!

Anonymous said...

I feel better.