Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mall Playground

I was at the mall the other day with a good friend of mine. We'd just set the boys free at the indoor playground. Moms were passing anti-bacterial soap like crazy.
"Hey," I said, all non-chalant and cool. "Look what I have."
I showed her my CleanWell.
"Try it," I told her. "You won't get addicted." He-he-he.
"Oh, I have this. But I'll try that. I mean, if it isn't more expensive..."
I bit my lip and grabbed her antibacterial soap.
"Ah-ha!" I pointed out. "Denatured alcohol."
"Well," she admitted. "My hands are already starting to feel a little dry. Okay, I'll try it."

Loved the smell. To me it smells like my favorite popsicle, the orange kind with the vanilla ice cream inside...
And it didn't dry out her hands.

I should have given her a coupon. Next time I will.

The fact is, I like the packaging and I like the statement the handsoap makes next to the bathroom sink.

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