Saturday, February 02, 2008


I love this holiday and clung to it (and the movie. Phil? Phil Conners?) when I lived in Pennsylvania as I DETESTED WINTER and always prayed for spring.

now that Im a transplanted texan we STILL throw a yearly shindig to celebrate it.

here's to the groundhog and to all of US!

happy spring is around the corner day!

perhaps make these as I did:

edited for pics:


Katy said...

Woohoo -- a fellow lover of Groundhog Day!! I know my friends think I'm strange, but we actually raised a groundhog when I was a kid and he went on to become the "official" groundhog of our town! Here's a cake I made a few years ago to celebrate:¤t=GroundhogDaycake.jpg

Trice said...

I knew a girl from 3d grade whose birthday was today and my friends and I all still remember it was her day and being a Bostonian I totally get it. I'm headed to Texas for life and will not miss the winters till May....

Anonymous said...

Did you make those?? They look gr8! (Notice my use of the lingo? Pretty impressive, huh?)

Hey, Trice, you're on your way to Texas? Which base?

carla said...

I did make them (read: THEY WERE EASY!)

Trice, McKinney? Is that right? how far is that from austin?


Shelley said...

Lovin' those cupcakes! I'm a Family Fun groupie myself. Great job!