Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Days Are Making Me Fat

I feel like my kids have missed so much school these days! Today, despite what the weather man predicted, we have nothing but wet pavement and yet, the schools are closed....again. So what do I do? Bake....again. No running, just baking. Today, I made Outrageous Chocolate Cookies from Everyday Food. Oh. My. Gosh. Do not make these if you have any concern what so ever about the size of your butt because I guarantee you will not be able to stop eating them. To quote my 4-year-old Quinn, "These are the best cookies mommy has ever made in the whole entire world ever!"
You can find the recipe here. Oh, and just a tip, because these cookies are so dang chocolaty, I used good ghirardelli chocolate for both the batter and the chunks.

1 comment:

carla said...

ANYTHING which leads off about how the cookies are meant to be soft and chewy is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!

and we dont even have any snow :)