Thursday, February 21, 2008

I am that Ground Hog

Howdy Running Mommys et al;
I'm just waiting for the thaw-- for that weather that MAKES you get out there. The weather where you feel sick inside that you did not get outside and run your heart out instead of oh well another workout canceled due to inclement weather. I'm in confession mode and have to admit that I've been doing 3 mile runs due to weather instead of 5 mile runs. This means I cross the railroad tracks and go to the 2nd pole and turn around instead of running all the way to the tank up on blocks and touch the sign post declaring Fort Knox is where you are. Yesterday I did the normal five and feel like I'm clean again. The guilt is gone. I'm headed to Texas in March for some real runs to feel completely human again and then it will be nice here. I ran more in Texas. It is a good thing we've changed directions and will be headed that way as we retire after 26 years.....

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Anonymous said...

WHERE in Texas will y'all be retiring??? It's a big state...East Texas, West Texas, North Texas, South Texas? The Hill Country, the Panhandle, The Gulf Coast...where?