Monday, February 18, 2008

A day in the life of....

...a Half Marathoner.

10 pm: Double check that: bib number is pinned on shirt; chip is tied onto shoes. Gather socks, shorts, hat, watch, sports bra, mini water bottle, gu & Cliff Shots, diaper rash cream, baby powder, towel, dry clothes, and hair rubber band. Make sure coffee pot is loaded & ready.
10:30 pm: force self to try to sleep
10:40 pm: jump out of bed to print directions to parking lot/start line
10:50 pm: back in bed...for good this time.
10:55 pm: SET ALARM!!!!!
2:45 am: Finally doze off...
3:30 am: Roll out of bed, start coffee brewing, put on clothes.
3:55 am: Sit outside waiting for running buddy to pick you up.
4:55 am: Arrive to race area and pull into the parking spot the bar hoppers just abandoned.
5:15 am: Jump into one of the open, fresh port-a-lets.
5:20 am: Attached necessities to body (gu & shots, water bottle, diaper cream) and bag check the rest.
5:25 am: Stand 8 minutes in line for the port-a-lets and go in the one that has the wet roll of toilet paper.
5:40 am: Run into friends and talk shop about the last race you guys were at.
5:45 am: Try to figure out what the announcer is saying and realize a police officer is yelling at you to get out of the street because the wheelchairs are starting.
5:50 am: Find your spot in the half mile long corral, eventually discover you're near the back.
5:59 am: Realize you REALLY need to pee
6:00 am : Gun goes off! The race is on! be continued...

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