Friday, February 29, 2008


click dots above.

then proceed to commence or keep it up.


Crumbs said...

Tell me, is it like running, where it's a chore for the first few months but becomes enjoyable? Because I can't get past the chore then I don't lift - but I know I SHOULD if I want to improve (and no longer look pregnant 3 years later).

carla said...

yes ma'am crumbs you MUST.

and it's all about the osteoporosis and functional fitness.

(can you tell I filmed my YOU GOTTA WEIGHT TRAIN, PEOPLE!! Monday Facetime for my site this morning :))

It's so important.

even just twice a week.

xo xo,


morgan said...

Weight training has become less of a chore to me. I usually mix it with some short cardio routine and "super set" -- do two complementary moves instead of doing one with rests in between each set; this seems efficient and keeps my heart rate up. And since I have incorporated it 2-3 times a week (for years now), I have not had any serious running injuries. Coincidence?

I sit here, pumping milk for my 8-month-old, before heading into the back room of my house to do one of my weight routines...