Friday, February 15, 2008

freebies? we all love freebies!

details to follow (ooooh exciting I know. I hope you can make it until then without exploding from excitement!) BUT I have a Friday Freebie Giveaway this week at my site which I adore.

(The freebie I mean. I do adore the site but wouldnt post here to bore you with that :) the freebie? I "made" the company not send it to me to mail out as I would keep it...mine is wearing out!)

swing on by and throw your name (comment :)) in the hat to win.


Shelley.Livaudais said...

LOVE the mizfit site. And LOVE LOVE that it has Friday Freebies.

Pick me! Pick me!

seeMOMMYrun said...

Shelley, aren't you sweet! My bib # is 2332. Should be crossing the finish 10:30 or 10:45am. I'll be sporting a kick ass racing jersey (blue, white) with a big "ASTAVITA" across the chest. BTW, I clicked over to your personal web page - isn't your family adorable!! Hugs.

carla said...

clicked as well.,


channelmarker said...

I saw one of your previous I-tube drawings!! It was fun to really see you "in person" (meaning, the video)!! Great site, cute shirt!

carla said...

you're so kind channnnnnelmarker (whose name I now know the origins of :))