Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Clean Well!! WOW!!

I received my CleanWell sample box today and LOVE IT!! Now, I don't get spun up easily......but honestly, if after trying this product you aren't fired up......your wood MUST be wet!!!
I love the scents ( I got the orange/vanilla),
I love it has no alcohol,
I LOVE the antibacterial hand spray which is soooo much better than the goopy gels!
As a RN, I was so sick of the goopy, antibacterial gels that really took a toll on my hands.
I love the way CleanWell uses essential oils and I think it is great how they took a personal family need and turned it into this product.
I love they use aloe and anti-oxidant ingredients too!!
I can't wait to try the the Ginger Bergamot!! I plan to switch all my handsoaps at home to CleanWell!
Signing off.....gonna go wash my hands again!!


Trice said...

I just got mine also. I try not to buy antibacterial things having read that plain soap is just as good and we're wiping away good bacteria. Any thoughts? It sure does smell good.

channelmarker said...

Yup, I've heard that too. It is usually enough to merely wash away germs rather than "kill" them as needed in a medical facility. Additionally,there have been suspiscioun that antibiotic resistant strands of bacteria are developing as a result of some of the chemicals.....but with that being said I have four boys and it is cold season. We don't use antibacterial bath/shower gels and this product uses essential oils vs. ETOH and other chemicals. I still used antibacterial chemicals, especially in the kitchen where one has to worry about raw food contaminates. I haven't totally scrutinized but still like the idea. I once remember reading something about the fact that standard "antibacterial" soaps needed to remain on the skin surface for an extended period of time to actually kill the amount of germs they report to... I think it is a good compromise!
Like you, love the smell!!