Thursday, January 03, 2008

waiting. waiting.

Alas, my plan had been to wait until I had something really GREAT to post here (not sure what that would look like---but I was waiting none the less :)).

And I waited.

and waited.

And just now realized that this is pretty much it. Im a faithful reader and return here daily to snatch up some motivation and encouragement from my fellow bloggers so Ill toss at you what I have & return to WRITE when I have more.

we moved over Christmas (Im never NOT thankful to be Jewish but I was EXTRA thankful that we had the days off/no at-the-house festivities for which to prepare. it made for a FAST MOVE) and I guess my small victory was that I keep up with my workouts even given the craziness of life.

I know it is TRITE but it's also so true that we women tend to GIVEGIVE and neglect ourselves.

I always fret about my husband and try to sneak him as much sans-toddler time as I can so he can relax.

all that to say I gave myself the gift of SELFISHNESS this holiday season.

instead of saying "is it ok if I work out for 30 min?" I asked "I wanna work out for 30 minutes---YOU pick the best time!"

and it was amazing.

and energizing.

and stress reducing.

(oh, and I also gave myself the gift of an AWESOME new tattoo (2 years in the planning) which I may or may not share with ya'll later :))

hope your holiday was as relaxing and here's to a FANTASTIC 2008.


mom2zayna said...

Great tip on rewording our workout needs to hubby! Makes it feel less like begging for the short break from the kids!! We'll have to compare tats when I'm in Austin next month. Got one in Austin in 1988. Another in Dallas in 1998. You running the half next month??

Shelley said...

So funny as I recently started using the same phrasing with my husband when I want to get a workout in and he's home. It is very empowering. Good for you!

And I'll joing the tattoo comparing party too. Yoohoo!

Yogamama said...

Glad I'm not alone in my battle for 'selfishness' :)
I'm always trying to give my hubby quiet time on the weekends, and I haven't learned how to do the things that I want to do without feeling guilty. ie. I want to take a yoga class this afternoon after he is done golfing, but I don't know how to approach him without his himmin-and-haaaing. I'll try your wording and let you know if I am successful LOL
I'm still trying to get the tattoo too :) I want a Lily (honoring my daughter) on the inside of my ankle. Someday I'll do it :)
Thanks for the advice!