Friday, January 04, 2008

Edgewise, As in Word in

I wake up in the morning and the first question I ask myself is if I'm happy. I look around and then I smile. Because yes, yes I am. Subtract the last three years from the rest of my life and you can get a pretty fair idea of how miserable I've been.
But, Andrea, this will be a rockin year. And, Trice, that puppy will be the greatest trainer you've ever had. My dog gets an amazing pace from me, though she tuckers out at the end and I end up teasing her for it. She just kind of grins at me and keeps truckin' right along. I'm totally with...oh, it's been over a minute and my memory is thin...Crumbs (?) about the baby jogger, just check those tires! I don't know how many runs have been ruined by low pressure. I am happy to report that my husband so enjoys having a buff wife that working out is totally not an issue and I am so, so, so blessed for that. And eating? As long as I cooked it, I'm all over it. Ain't no one in this world can cook like I do. No one.

I love you, Ladies! Happy New Year!


carla said...

Ain't no one in this world can cook like I do. No one.

many reasons
the one Ill post here is that we women NEVER seem to own what we do well for fear it will be heard as prideful (*eyeroll*)

that sentence made me smile.


Shelley said...

I'm lovin' the positive attitude! It is totally catching and I'm ready to hit the pavement.

Great suggestion on the low tire pressure jogging strollers frequently get. Mine used to do that all the time.

And when can we all come over for dinner?