Friday, January 18, 2008


A little over a year ago, I bought a Polar Running Computer, or, as my husband calls it: "a watch that can't tell time". I picked it out, paid for it out of his account and told him to wish me a Happy Birthday. He wasn't convinced it was a good idea. Not just because my normally frugal tastes suddenly discovered opulence, but perhaps he was thinking of how my interest always tapers a few months after declaring "my new passion."
Me: But it can tell me how fast I'm running, how far I've gone, how much time I have left for my intervals, what my heart rate is and how many calories I burned. My god, I just burned 34 calories having this conversation!

Him: Hmmph.
But something amazing happened: I kept using it. Soon, I switched from 2:1's to 3:1's. Then I had to add 4:1's and 5:1's. I used it on Saturday morning long runs. I used it on a couple weekday runs. I started taking it into the pool, and measuring how long it took me to bike to the gym or to my son's school. And now the "Batteries are Low" symbol just came on. It's supposed to last 2 years with "average usage." Instead of being annoyed that it hasn't lasted that long, I'm proud I've worn it down quicker.

I'm 10 days out from the ING Miami Half Marathon, so I'm forced to thin out my workout schedule. Funny how the one "craze" I can devote myself to incorporates tapering.


just4ofus said...

I too have the Polar Watch and use it for training.
It is wonderful.

just4ofus said...
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Anonymous said...

Something just got added to my wish list...Good luck with the Half Marathon!