Monday, January 07, 2008

On the Run

Long Distance Running isn't for everyone.

Your doctor won't tell you, but some people should not run for more than an hour: the guilty (the
truly guilty). Or the ashamed. Or the secretive. For there is a seldom discussed aspect of Long Distance Running you should be aware of before venturing out with a group of others; a phenomenon that occurs approximately 1 1/2 hours into a run (although it has been known to occur as soon as 1 hour): your body releases Truth Serum.

It is subtle at first. You'll begin with a story about how you told your children that all of the Snicker's bars in their Halloween stash were tainted & unsafe so that you could eat them all, but then you'll find deeper secrets bubbling to the surface. You'll then tell your running partners how you once stood buck naked outside your crappy college house with another female roommate to see if any of the cars driving by would notice - and how they didn't. Then you'll get mushier...or darker...or weepier...or more conceited. No one reacts the same to the endorphins, but EVERYONE opens up. So if you've got a deep, dark secret (like how you're running from the law), I'd stick to 10K's if I were you.

Unless you need to take a load off your shoulders.

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Anonymous said...

tee-hee. Is running what has made me such a strangely honest person all these years or has being strangely honest made me a runner?