Friday, January 11, 2008


got more than a few personal emails congratulating me on my FINALLY getting the CHIPPER to sponsor me (I eat 3 or 4 cannisters a day. it is a FANTASTIC SOURCE OF PORTABLE PROTEIN!!)



please feel free to join in my email writing campaign (*wink*).

I figure I get that company *so* much (referral) business they should at least sell me my addiction WHOLESALE, right?

Please to note, CHIPPER PEOPLE as I know youre out there somewhere, that the attached bicep would be so much plumper if you'd allow me to consume without regards to (obsessing about)price!




Crumbs said...

Holy crap, you're ripped!

carla said...

and begging homegurl, begging :)

I swear if my husband ever leaves me it will be because Im SUCH AN EXPENSIVE eater.

thanks for the compliment, though.

as I edge toward 40 its far more of an effort.


Shelley said...

Geez Carla! I didn't realize you have ripped arms like that. Awesome! And good luck on the Chipper challenge.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, that bicep is already bulgin'--I gotta check out that Chipper stuff!

Oh yeah, and workout. That might help too.

Good luck in your campaign.