Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vacations Mess With Your Mojo

I just got back from spending 4 relaxing days in Florida. You would think that after all the complaining I do about running in the cold weather, I would jump at the opportunity to run while down south. Yeah. You would think. So what did I do? Well, the gym had a fancy-pants treadmill with a T.V. attached so I just had to give it a go. I got on it and watched T.V. for an hour, churning out 6.5 miles then went back to my room, showered then met my husband at the bar where I proceeded to enjoy some beers and anything with melted cheese on top. And so went the next 3 days. Sigh. And now here I am, back home, full of horrible non-energizing food and totally derailed from all things training and healthy! Yikes! The second I drop my 4-year-old off at preschool tomorrow, I'm hitting the gym. With any luck, I'll be able to run for 3 miles on the treadmill without passing out. Better eat salad and fish for dinner.
How do you guys stay motivated while on vacation? And more importantly for me right now, how do you get back into it once you get home if you fell off the training wagon while away?


Anonymous said...

When you fall off the horse, you just have to get back on, I don't know of a better strategy than that. Of course, first you have to forgive yourself for having fallen off at all. When I'm on vacation, I like to think of myself as being on vacation. The way I see it, exercise routines should be incorporated into the experience. Like that time I went for a run in Switzerland...it was more about seeing Switzerland than anything else. (Breathtaking, if odd, just ask Jodie Foster...)

our little world said...

You are so right. Especially about forgiving yourself...that was my biggest problem yesterday: spent the entire day being pissed at myself rather than just working out! Duh!

seeMOMMYrun said...

I think there are 2 approaches (depending on your mood and state of mind at the time):

1. give yourself a day or two to rest from your vacation. then you'll be ready to kick things back into gear once you are back in your routine.

2. lay out your workout clothes just as you would work clothes and don't leave any question about what you need to do.

However, you know with any sort of training -- whether its running, weight lifting, rowing, whatever -- it is good to take off a week or two now and then. SERIOUSLY! It is so hard to do. And most of us don't do it unless we're injured. But you would be amazed how strong and motivated you come back. And the results from your workouts really show!

Now, that's not to say you should continue the beer guzzling and vacation munching. But, you could consider taking off a few more days and come back strong!!!