Thursday, January 10, 2008

See Mommy Think and Run

Wow- blessings of 50-60 degree weather mean running outside. This week I ran at lunch with one child at gymnastics being cared for by Dad, one child finishing up homeschooling, one sweet baby napping, and one in school. I ran for all I was worth. My stride felt great, the air great, no heavy winter wear. I ran by the Warrior Transition building. It changed me. This is where the wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan come to be made whole again before transitioning to the civlian world or to stay in the Army. They walk by me all the time. I see them coming and going and this day it hit me that I'm blessed my husband is not deployed and we are both physically well. I just want to Praise God for the ability to know this today.

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carla said...

have a great day.
there is nothing more inspiring to me than a post filled with gratitude.