Saturday, January 26, 2008

Marathon Mantra

I, and my beloved TeamFootworks, will be participating in the ING Miami Marathon tonight (well, technically, it's tomorrow, but we'll be getting up SO early that I think you can call it Saturday night still). I am doing the Half, while many of my friends will be going for the Full Monty.

I live pretty close to the end of the course (actually, watching the medley of people go by a few years back got me into running, but that's another tale) so I plan on getting back home in time to help them not bonk at "the wall." In doing so, I scoured the internet for some "inspirational" words for posters/signs. Since I my eyes began to water (then again, Publix commercials make me weep), I thought I'd share ones I enjoyed.

  • Pain is just weakness leaving your body (silly, but I pondered that one for TEN miles at last years marathon and it got me through).
  • You made it to the START, you will make it to the FINISH
  • This mile marker is farther than most will ever reach.
  • Cold Beer & Hot Showers, Cold Beer & Hot Showers, Cold Beer & Hot Showers
  • Pain is temporary, Pride is forever
  • Relax, Power, Glide
  • 1, 3, 5, 2, 4 (I found counting out of order over and over again made me concentrate hard on the numbers not the shin splints)
I'd like to hear your running mantras or inspirational running quotes.


Anonymous said...

While caring for our dying grandfather my 6'9", then-Marine brother wore a T-shirt with the statement: Pain is fear leaving the body. I thought it was especially appropriate for a two time prisoner of WW11 veteran. I've run with the mantra in my head ever since. God bless, Poppo. I miss you everyday.

Crumbs said...

that has made me tear up- thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

"Pain is temporary, PRIDE is FOREVER" is the one that got me across the 14th St Bridge (I believe that was mile 22 that year) during my first Marine Corps Marathon. One that helped me through my second MCM was something along the lines of "You can recover from pain. Will you recover from giving up?"

Last year I was a spectator at MCM and got lots of laughs with my "Release your inner Kenyan" sign!

channelmarker said...

Hey crumbs! I'll be in Miami the first weekend of APril for a wedding, I didn't see any races on the internet. Do you know of any? I'd love to squeeze in a short one!
P.S. I used your number mantra on the treadmill today and it works!! I soooooo hate that treadmill....stupid numbers go sooo slow!!

Elizabeth said...

I saw the "Inner Kenyan" sign at MCM this year, it was great! Another funny option I saw while running across the bridge at mile 20, when spectators are encouraging you on with, "you're almost there":

"You aren't almost there!"

and follow up sign

"And F you too"

Made me chuckle through the pain!!

(hope that's not inappropriate)

Run U Mother said...

When our good friend was running in the Marine Corps Marathon for the first time we held up a sign that said "Run U Mother". It really inspired a lot of other moms who saw it and eventually ended up being the mantra for our early morning bootcamp. Funny enough, it has inspired my friend TJ and I to start our own Run U Mother business.

So Run U Mother! It sure keeps us going.

Crumbs said...

What great responses! Love the "Inner Kenyan" and "Run U Mother" - and how many times have I wanted to yell "I am NOT almost there, I still have 10 miles to go!!!!!!!!"
Channelmarker- as for runs in Miami the first weekend in April, you're out of luck. It's practically the only weekend there isn't anything. There is the Corporate run on Thursday (perhaps?) but it is MISERABLE! 20,000 people who don't actually run - no fun at all. Enjoy the wedding!

Anonymous said...

Our cross country team (MANY moons ago) had shirts that said "Whatever's behind me just doesn't matter."

Amy said...

Good update about marathon mantra...very informative...super like...^_^