Saturday, January 19, 2008

Corazonas and...candles??

I was SO excited to receive a package full of Corazonas chips (thank you, Andrea and Corazonas!), and quickly realized that my family could never eat them all even though they are SO yummy. So I took them to a friend's candle party and everyone was totally getting into "taste testing" them and commenting on each flavor. They were more popular than the candles!! The candle representative even offered to trade candles with me for my bag of Baja Bean Dip (of course I told her no - it's my favorite too)!! Here's the email I got the next morning from her:

"I immediately had to Google the chips to find out where I could get them. feel free to pass the info along to the ladies at the party............If you need to find me I will be at Safeway first thing tomorrow buying 10 bags of the Baja Bean Dip. =)


carla said...


didnt share here.

youre so nice!


Anonymous said...

My oh my, everyone's reviews of the chips has been hysterical! Since everyone seems so sincere, you've convinced me to pick up a bag for my upcoming party. I'm just afraid I'll forgo interacting with guests and stand protectively over the bowl!

our little world said...

Anyone had any luck finding the Baja Bean Dip flavor? The Safeway near me doesn't carry it and it's not on Amazon yet!