Thursday, January 10, 2008

A New Kind of Burn

In my effort to get in more cross training, I headed to the gym today, my off-running day, for the cardio machines. I have an elliptical at my house and did that on Tuesday but wanted to try something new. First, I worked the rowing machine for 25 minutes. I really like to row. It's totally different, uses a ton of upper body strength and you can really feel it in your abs as well. After that, I jumped onto the stationary bike. I've always avoided the bike because (a) it looks so boring and, (b) the majority of times that I have seen anyone on the bike, they are leisurely reading a magazine or book while slowly working the peddles and I've always thought "that is so NOT a workout!" I was totally unprepared for what I felt when I went for my first spin today. I'm up to 11 miles in my running and although I'm making an effort to get my cross training in to gain more leg strength, I didn't think I would feel like a weakling on a bike! After 2 minutes, I wanted off. Off now! I was feeling muscles in my legs I didn't even know I had! What in the world is going on here?! How is it that I have never once tried a bike?? So tell me, does biking really use totally different muscles than running or was I doing it wrong? I'd like to assume I wasn't doing it wrong because I didn't fall off, but then, that's probably not the right indicator!

EDITED to add: I hope I didn't offend anyone with my stationary bike talk...I didn't mean it like it's not a super intense workout, just the opposite - I am currently limping around my house!! I'm not worthy!!! I'm not worthy!!


just4ofus said...

I use spinning as a cross train.
It does use different muscles.
And it is very hard.

Crumbs said...

I'm with you - I find no joy in stationary bikes. I once left a spin class after 30 godawful minutes (of a 60 min class). I lied and said I had to go to work.