Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's all in the arms

Hello Running Mommies,

Forgive the absence. I went to Boston to pick up my 85 year old Grammy and get her out of the snow for a few months. While I was there I met with my friends I've known since the 6th grade. They were all asking about running. I'm the only one who runs. Two are big into yoga, one goes to the gym for various things and the other is just a natural beauty who does not seem to need much. It reminded me of last years's trip to NY to see some friends who are also my age. It was May and several had sleeveless tops. It was at that time that I thought Mommy arms need working out. It is a total age give away if your arms (triceps)are flabby. Two of the friends are really thin/in-shape, but had flabby arms. I remember thinking how do I ever say it?? Do I ever say it? Would I want someone to say it to me since I know my abs could use a ton of work? Do we tell other Mommies? Are we quiet? I think I'm going to say it as a revelation group moment that I've realized arms count as you age. Running Mommies already have great legs.

My Grammy by the way has always worked out. She's younger than my 65 year old Mommy. She's an inspiration. It is awesome to be around her and soak up the knowledge. She's wise, funny, and joyful. I want to be just like her.


channelmarker said...

oh yes, the wiggly upper arm syndrome!! HATE IT!! Really been working on the weights to counter attack this, this....PLAGUE!! Maybe Carla can let us know her routine...didn't see a speck of flag on those tri's!!

Trice said...

Carla??? Love to learn new ones???

runningfor3 said...

Run with a jogging stroller (if, of course, your kids are still young enough to fit inside) and you'll see an improvement in your shoulders and triceps.