Friday, January 04, 2008

How do you tie YOUR shoes?

I've started looking at shoe laces and giggling ever so slightly, for my laces are nearly always knotted on the inside of my shoe. Guess it's time to fit in some flexibility training.


Kimberly said...

My dad's are always on the side, too!
I am blessed with flexibility, so mine rae in teh middle...but I also have a tinge of OCD, so they've always been double knotted. I've been called a dork for this, but it makes sense when running!

channelmarker said...

I watched a show once about a wife who had her husband killed. She said he had been out for a jog....they caught her partially by the way his shoes were tied, on the outside of his shoes, which is not the way people tie shoes (according to "someone"). She out on his running shoes and tied them to stage "the run". ANyways, your blog reminded me of that show and I have often thought of it while tying my own shoes, on the inside.