Friday, January 04, 2008


At what point do you decide it's too cold to run outside? I know I harp about this all the time but this is my first winter with my new running hobby/training routine and I'm having a heck of a time with the weather. I can do cold (well, pretty cold) and I can handle rain but I can't handle wind. No thank you. Can't deal with running into the wind.

Today was pretty cold at bus stop time so I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to do my weekly long run on the treadmill...insert major groan and "Idontwanna!" whine here. On my way to the gym, I realized it wasn't as windy as it's been and that maybe I should make a go of it. I did and boy am I glad. Was it cold? Yes, it was. But I ran a heck of a lot further than I would have if I had been indoors. I got my longest run in yet - 11 miles! At this point, I'm thinking that as long as there is no snow and the wind is minor to non-existent, I can handle the winter. Maybe I'm being a bit to bold seeing as it's only January 4th, but we'll see.

On that note, I'm interested in hearing what kind of cross training you all do. Is there something that you love to do on those non-running days or just to dang cold to run outside days that you feel makes you stronger? I've got to get some leg strength because it is one of the major things that is holding me back a bit.
Happy Friday everyone!!


Anonymous said...

It's called the Squat Jump and it is A-Mazing! Squat down, a (sort of heavy to start off with) dumbbell by each foot. Grab the dumbbells and JUMP! My workout has me doing 3 sets of 10 reps. I'm telling you, the squat jump is the bomb!

our little world said...

Woah!!! That sounds nice and intense! I'll try it tomorrow - thanks!!

carla said...

and after years of telling my mom-clients to do this and NEVER in a million thinking I would:

I LUNGE AROUND THE HOUSE WITH MY TODDLER (um, following me. NOT in my arms)

great exercise and she loves the silly walk time.


Chelsea V said...

For NON run daysI do some stationary bike...I usually choose the random hill is a GREAT workout and I can listen to my IPOD. I usually follow with some strength training too. I too HATE to run indoors but when the GOING gets tough...the tough GET RUNNING! HA! if you are training for a marathon in the spring you will need to GET OUT and GET those miles in. I dress in layers...and go for pressure on min/miles...Last year I was training for Boston...and yeah I live in indiana..we get SNOW, ICE and crazy WINDCHILLS. I HAD to get some of my runs in outside....I draw the line at running past 8 miles on a Treadmill...although I did 12 last year( it was -20 degrees). You do whatcha gotta do...and I feel so much better when I am done.....especially if I ran outdoors! Good Luck and STAY WARM...CV

just4ofus said...

I spin and do videos of strength training for the whole body.
The strength training really helps with running and the hills.