Thursday, January 10, 2008

things I wonder:

How channelmarker's birthday was and what her moniker means.

if Ill have enough cake at my toddlers birthday party on saturday and whether I shall regret that cupcake-cake decision as you can cut sheet cake pieces tiny if need be.

if Ill ever succeed in convincing the folks at CHIPPER JERKY to sponsor me when, in answer to their query, Im pressed to admit that I dont really "do" anything requiring sponsorship except my LIFE.

How Crumbs is such a FUNNY writer and if she's equally hilarious in person.

what else is on steph's wish list.

if I can "catch" S. Kimzey Daniels' positive attitude.

if shelley has gotten back her ME TIME yet.

how on earth andrea does it all?!

why clothes makers think if I need petite inseams on my pants I must ALSO long for pleats in front.

what's for dinner.


channelmarker said...

I wonder a myriad things myself!! I had a great birthday too! Thanks for thinking of me!!!
As for "channelmarker". It is a nautical term referring to the bouys that mark the deep portions of water to prevent ship from running aground. I am Navy plus one summer after my divorce, a group of us singles sailed several days a week. Top that off with once being a certified legal nurse consultant and that was my "company name". Oh yeah, the reason I still cling to the name on the internet is that I once had my very own stalker so I am carefully about my identity. Sorry you asked?
If you ever get down to the Atlantic Beach area there is also a great seafood restaurant on the water called....."The Channelmarker"!!

carla said...

Id never have put that all together about the name...VERY interesting.
(and very smart about the identity thing as well...)

glad your birthday was a good one.
I really liked that introspective post.


channelmarker said...

You know what I wondered about (even asked Andrea if she knew)....What is the meaning of your new tattoo?

carla said...

short version?
(and I have a personal blog which rambles way too much about this..if you want IN lemmie know)

my daughter ADORES sugar skulls (shes 2) shes also Guatemalan where they celebrate Day of the Dead.
DOD celebrates the /honors the dead but also is a celebration of rebirth of's a tribute to HER and how she was reborn when we adopted her into our family.


that wasnt as short as Id hoped.


Kimberly said...

Hey---the cupcake cake...I did one for Harry's last birthday, but I also grabbed a couple of trays of extra cupcakes. They all went. This has not been the case with the oversized sheet cakes I've ordered. Definitely grab soem extra cupcakes to stow away!the cupcake cakes are totally the way to go though! Have fun!

channelmarker said...

HOw cool! Pass on the info for the long version blog! I can't believe that is your bicep....i feel so inadequate!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm actually speechless...I mean, I thought I was, um, strong but now I realize that I'm just a puny little weakling.
However, since optimism is my trademark, I will congratulate you on your obvious affinity (sp?) for bodybuilding and, if you don't mind the drive to Dallas, how about you come up here and whip my pudding self into shape?

carla said...

channelmarker: if you read this email me at and Ill shoot you the info.

Ms S. kimzey? YOURE TOO KIND. and I love dallas. WATCH OUT!!

Anonymous said...

Call me Steph...and just let me know when you're on your way!

carla said...

steph sounds so...not s.kimzey :)



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