Saturday, January 05, 2008


I love the chips that were sent to favorite are the Black Bean. My huband likes the margaritta lime.
I was pleasantly surprised on Wednesday morning when there was a knock at more door and FEDEX had dropped off a big box...inside were the CORAZONA'S Heart Healthy tortilla chips....several bags and a lovely display basket!
My family has enjoyed eating them, and My four year old daughter LOVES them too. Like I mentioned above my favorite are the Black Bean.

I work in the wellness field and we spend alot of time talking with our patients about the importance of FIBER and their understanding of the INGREDIENTS and NUTRITIONAL VALUE of food items. I think that Ramona Cappello and her Corazona's chips have helped to bridge a gap between the consumer and healthy choices. What other chip has this much FIBER, and as we know......we all NEED more fiber in our daily nutrition.

KUDOS to Andrea for making this connection.

Thansk so much!

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