Sunday, January 06, 2008

Because nothing says IT'S GONNA BE A GREAT WEEK

like an awkward self-portrait in running shorts.

(2 things. 1. it's entirely hidden when aforementioned shorts arent hiked up. just fyi :) and B. yes there is meaning behind it I didnt just leap on the Day of the Dead popularity train)

anyone else wanna share?


Crumbs said...

Wow - That's one cool tattoo. That must have taken a while! I got mine in my early 20's (before childbirth, before running - so essentially, before I had any tolerance of pain. 15 minutes of a 60 min tat and I was done!)

S. Kimzey Daniels said... that your hiney? At first I thought it was your arm. Ouch. How does it feel to expose your hinter region to a tattoo artist for an extended length of time? I don't have any tattoos, although my ears are pierced twice...I know. I'm a daredevil.

carla said...

that made me laugh.
and although I PERSONALLY like the look of full sleeves on woman (tattoos) Id never do it on myself. my tats are for ME and I do so many presentations in schools etc. I want them all to be hidden.

yadayadyada HIGH UP ON HIP :)
it was 4 hours of work but the tattoo artist was a woman and I just wore running shorts so there wasnt any "embarrassment factor"

(she also has her own room)


Shelley.Livaudais said...

LOVE it!