Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Little World got me thinking....

and EAGER to hear how you guys stay motivated.

this quote?

here I am, back home, full of horrible non-energizing food and totally derailed from all things training and healthy
well, I havent had a vacation in AGES but still manage to resemble that about once a week.

For me the motivation ISNT a skinny celeb(utante) it's a photo of myself in a better place (and Im not talking St Barts).

I slap that sucker up on the fridge and even those Ore Ida 99 cent microwave fries seem to call me a LITTLE less loudly.


seeMOMMYrun said...

Easy! If you run with a seeMOMMYrun group or even just a buddy it motivates you to go get your butt to your group run.

The power of being accountable to show up for a group - and have fun gabbing while you run - is more powerful a tool than anything else.

Actually, it is a proven fact that women who exercise in a group are 65% more likely to stick to their routine.

I know there are a lot of you married to your iPODs...but once you start running with friends you can't imagine the horror and boredom when having to run without them! I don't care how good your mix!

Crumbs said...

I'm with you on this - girlfriends. I once overslept my 4am Saturday morning run and I was SO BUMMED I missed out, I've never missed one again.
4am! I was upset that I didn't get up at 4am! That's how strong running bonds can be.

carla said...

great point, A.
Im one of the few people (women) I know NOT married to my music.

gimme some good friend-face-time ANY DAY over that!