Monday, January 07, 2008

Im in love.

I oft tell my husband that, if I could, Id marry various items in my life.

For example I purchased a fan for the room where I do the stationary bike and it FREAKIN CHANGED MY LIFE. Ceiling fan? WHATEVER. FanRightUpCloseToMySweatyBod? Adore.

I informed my hubby that if I could Id marry it. He could still be hubby number one (my ARCHOS 404 is husband number two. GOOGLE IT. It's amazatastic. number 3? a secret (*wink*))

Husband number four? These things:

Blahblahblah heart-healthy, yes.

But they are TASTY as well and Im not normally a chip fan (Im sugar. Lots of sugar).

Check out the flavors here:

my personal favorite? margarita lime.

my toddler's? baja bean dip (weird. I know.)

my husband was just OVER THE MOON that free chips appeared on our doorstep.


1 comment:

Shelley said...

Great review Carla. Our chips arrived yesterday and you would have thought it was Christmas again with the way my husband reacted...

"You mean we get to try these for FREE?!?"

Our household can barely contain the excitement.