Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You Bar

I stumbled upon my kind of nutrition bar while playing on the internet...I mean, really, my kind of bar, because I can put whatever I want into it. You Bar has an online list of bases & add-ins (much like a smoothie shop) and then you can order your customized box of 12.

It doesn't run cheap, but hey, doesn't an "Almond Butter Rice Protein bar with Pecans, Organic Sweetened Cherries, organic clover honey, coffee crystals, Organic Galaxy Granola and Spirulina Greens Infusion" sound like the kind of adventurous food I'll need for my upcoming Hash Run?


carla said...

I feel badly saying this as I LOVE the concept but daaaang they are slow.

ordered mine 4 weeks ago!

still waiting.

just my experience---


Crumbs said...

oh...but you have to tell me how they are!