Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Update #1: I conquered red wine!! Well, sorta of.... I find if I mix it with Acai/ raspberry juice it is quite tasty. Now I can get a double shot of antioxidants.

Update #2: Trail running...........For me, it was like childbirth. The entire time I was wondering what the heck I got myself into and "swearing" ( in more ways than one) that I'd NEVER do this again ( I have 4 kids soooo obviously I forgot quickly!!). As soon as I crossed the finish line, just like seeing your brand new baby, I thought, Geez, that wasn't so bad and felt pretty good about the whole thing. Will I try it again? Probably, but a different trail for sure. This one advertised to be 5 miles but was actually 5.9 ( I know.....picky,picky me.....). The real clincher was that I have never seen such steep upward hills outside of a roller coaster. There were very few downhills and of course they were muddy with loose gravel. Top off my dismay with the temperature being a balmy 28 degrees F. I HATE THE COLD---------------I HATE HILLS-------------- But I do love a sense of accomplishment plus I wasn't the last to finish ( that is about as competitive I am) . One more "good" thing: I wasn't sore AT ALL!! Hmmm....was it because I went slow ( but still all those hills!!), was it my Astavita? Was it because I wasn't on concrete or blacktop. I don't know. I was pretty pleased though. That whole pole dancing thing left me sore for days!!!


our little world said...

The trail running sounds fantastic! I did a cross country 5k once (certainly not like what you are talking about!) and the change of scene was fantastic! The road can get kind of boring after a while! Congratulations!

Katy said...

Way to go -- I would love to try trail running sometime, too!

Crumbs said...

What an adventure - cold mountain running. Man, an extra mile is a LONG mile when you're expecting to finish any second now!

amy said...

You were awesome on Sunday. And no epidural!!!

Suzanne said...

why bother with the red wine. I just don't drink any more because I don't like it any more.

About the hills. Just keep bothering. Great job.

runningfor3 said...

I've done 8 out of the last 9 10-mile Backyard Burn races and they are great races - stick with it! Be warned that "5 miles" is rarely - though sometimes - exactly 5 miles. Usually it is only a few tenths off, though.

Some courses are harder than others. PWFP is hard because of that LOOONG hill right at the end. Hemlock is the most technical with the steepest climbs, Fountainhead is constantly up/down, but Wakefield is relatively flat and non-technical. I got my 10-mile race PR there.

I love trail running because it is much more interesting than running on the roads. And the weather will keep getting warmer.