Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Best marathons to run in 2008?

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makes me wonder:

will pf changs give me food post-race? LETTUCE CUPS PLEASE!

has anyone ever been here: Whidbey Island, Washington?
Ive heard it is quite beautiful!


Crumbs said...

I did the ING Miami full last year, and the half this year and it certainly was a great one.
I've never done the Whidbey Is marathon, but I used to live in Seattle and wouldn't doubt that it's a cool place to run.

Anonymous said...

My husband's family has a cabin on Whidbey Island but I have only been there once. I didn't do any running but it was very scenic. I'm sure it would be a great race as long as it wasn't raining the whole time!

Anonymous said...

You lived in Seattle, Crumbs? So did I...er...I mean, I lived OUTSIDE of Seattle, in Renton and Tukwila and even so far away as Tacoma. I loved the Northwest. Although Anonymous is right--watch out for the rain!

Shelley said...

Oh great! Now I have a lettuce wrap craving. yum!

Crumbs said...

Yep, I lived outside, too, in a what was once the small town of Redmond (now Microsoft is based there, so it's changed enormously). There are few days that go by that I don't miss it, rain and all. Renton & Tukwila were places my soccer team (highschool days) went often.

(i want lettuce wraps, too)