Thursday, March 06, 2008

Geek and not afraid to admit it

I have a thing with words--always have. Ask my sister, my brother, my daughter, my husband, heck, just ask anybody who has ever experienced the extreme challenge of listening to me talk. On the plus side, I could talk my way out of steel trunk 200 miles under the sea. The downside is that my obsession with the expression of things--emotions, descriptions, human tendencies--causes me to miss out on quite a bit of the actual moments that, in coming together, comprise life.

Oh, sure, I can explain it all to you later but for now just ignore that glossy, vacant look in my eye.

If you think your obsession with words is as beautiful a thing as I think mine is, you'll want to check out this geek to the 100th power site.


carla said...

powerful post.

it is a struggle to be in the moment and express the moment.

even if only in words in your head.


Anonymous said...

Carla, your powers of interpretation are astounding. Like commercial fiction versus literary fiction--when reading commercial fiction, I've always wondered how the characters are so able to completely explain how they're feeling and their motivations. It's something I've never been able to do. It's only after attempting to write literary fiction that one understands how difficult God's job must be :)