Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Unusual motivator today

Today I was pushing the double stroller, which I avoid as much as possible.......HEAVY!!!......Anyways, as I was coming upon a hill ( we all know I HATE hills!!), I was starting to convince/ justify to myself to slow to a walk.......Just then, the running heavens opened up and had a semi-truck pass me........a semi-truck you wonder?.........Yup, the coolest one I've seen. It was a Corona truck with a bunch of bottle on the beach and it read "Beach Beer Buggy"!! That was the motivation I needed to keep my pace up that dang hill.....I had visions of bathing suits, limes, Coronas and since I am moving to the beach in less than 3 months I knew I had to keep this running thing up!! Weird, I know!!

P.S. LOVE S. Kimzey Daniels idea of a SMR retreat!! Think we could get Corona and Corazonas to sponsor us? Wouldn't those Jerseys be cool!?!?!

P.S.S. Crumbs, thanks for some travel hints, we just got back from a FL vacation and I bought some of that boxed/ no refrigerate milk for the was AWESOME!!! I found my own little trick too.....well I stole it from another (shout out to Jen!!) in my local SMR group.....I brought the training potty chair since my 3 year old just mastered the potty. It helped when he couldn't wait to get to a real restroom and it was also great when he vomited the first day of the trip. Those things can hold ALOT of puke!! ( we used plastic garbage can liners for cleaning ease).

I hope a cool semi passes you all too!!


MizFit said...

Id be all IN for a retreat!!


Kimberly said...

i can't think of better motivation!

i'm sure some of you may have seen mobile tiki huts during races, complete with working kegs...i need to reconsider joining hash house harriers!