Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sounding Off

Okay, so I'm running this morning, with the jogger, on the left side of the street, against traffic when this guy in this little pick-up (that's Texan for truck, y'all) comes straight at me, not moving or anything. Of course, I didn't move either, by golly. So he stops. I keep going. Eventually he has to slowly roll to his left so I can get by, all the while he's shaking his head like I'm some sort of friggin' nutjob.

I wanted to say, "You know, buddy, you got a problem? Step on out and let's talk about it. Because I guarantee I'm not somebody you want to argue with. And if you're not willing to do that, well, then, let's race. Ya wuss."

But I went on my way and he went on his.

So what's the etiquette? Runningfor3? Crumbs? Andrea? Because my days of allowing of myself to be intimidated are so way far behind me.

P.S. Note to marketers: if a baby jogger cam were made available, I would purchase at least 3 in addition to recommending them to every running mommy I know. Just a hint.


runningfor3 said...

I think it depends on the type of road. Unfortunately as a pedestrian with wheels we fall into a no-mans-land. Bicycles are traveling in the same direction as traffic so it is easier for cars to pass.

When I am running on the street, into traffic, I always move onto the shoulder or grass for an on-coming vehicle. If the road is a residential type of street that does not have shoulders, I check that there is not a second car coming from the opposite direction and would expect for the car to drive around me. If the road is a relatively busy street (i.e. has lines painted on it) and there is no shoulder or grassy area that you can bail out onto, I would not recommend that you run there.

Unfortunately, most drivers, especially those also talking on CELL PHONES, are not paying any attention to things other than themselves.

Good luck and stay safe.

P.S. I had a lot more to *say* to these unobservant drivers before I started running with my kids, who are listening very closely...

Crumbs said...

I think it's wise to stay left so you can see oncoming cars (imagine if he were behind you, you might have been flattened!).
As for civility- I am in NO WAY a model citizen. I really should be less verbal (as runningfor3 says) but I'm afraid I go bats**t crazy. I know this is no better, but to keep from screaming, I hold out one key in a paint-threatening gesture. Of course, I live in a city so completely rude, this isn't actually abnormal. I'd be on the 6 o'clock news in Seattle.

Anyway - Good for you for standing your ground. But it's also kind of fun to dramatically swerve the child off the road and then pantamime a damsel in distress.

Anonymous said...

To follow up: My daughter said I should have flipped the guy off. To which my husband and I quickly countered with: Oh no she shouldn't have...Waaayyyy too many loonies out there.
My handsome, amazing, gorgeous, wonderful husband (really ladies, I am soooo blessed) advises taking a picture with my camera phone then calling the police right then and there to report harassment. And I will start carrying pepper spray. A woman running around in tights...pepper spray is just not a bad idea.