Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I tried a new exercise!!

First off----Welcome back Carla!!!

Second off--- I have my first trail run this Sunday and I am SCARED!! I've never run a trail before?!?! What was I thinking??? How awful is my time gonna be?? I only pray I am not the last one to finish since IPODs are banned.......(nervous gulp...)

Now, last Saturday I celebrated the upcoming nuptials of my bestest friend ever. Being her "matron" of honor I planned an evening out to include some exercise. I put this lightly because I thought the "pole dancing" private party lessons would be a hoot for us girls before heading out on the town. It was a BLAST!! We all laughed and swung around that pole until we couldn't anymore. It was done very tastefully with nothing off colored. Our instructor was great and made us all feel at ease. Even the skeptical were having fun after a few minutes! It was definitely a workout though. We were all sore for days. I may run, even pushing a stroller with a 3 year old and 21 month old but......1 1/2 hours of limbering and total upper body strength training was challenging! During the class you just have a good time and don't realize how doing the fireman swing multiple times which entails supporting your entire weight with your arms makes your muscles scream for mercy the next day! I also thought I was pretty flexible until now too. The class had a lot of Pilates like moves made "prettier". I am certainly more flexible today than I was Saturday afternoon. If there was a studio closer to home I'd be a daily member. There is nothing like a workout that doesn't feel like a workout when you are participating......but you KNOW it the next day. The studio we went to is DIVAFIT, Check it out!! No----we didn't progress to the upside down pole position on the first visit, but I wouldn't mind getting to that level!
If you ever get a chance to try something out like this....DO IT!! You'll have a blast and work muscles you didn't know you had. If any of the locals want to try it, let me know, I'd tag along for round 2!!

"Fantasia" ( my "pole" name!!)


Anonymous said...

How fun!!! Channelmarker, you just sound like a gal I'd like to know. Thanks for sharing!

MizFit said...


Im in.

any austinites here and wanna try?



Trice said...

You are going to LOVE trail running. You may never go back. It is also great for your body to be off the pavement. GOOD LUCK!!