Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why do I think Im the last one to find this?

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So. Getting FASTER with my running is all about hauling my butt UPHILL?
for a mere ten seconds?

duly noted.


Crumbs said...

Make that 2nd to last - thanks for sharing...too bad my state's highest elevation is the garbage dump.

seeMOMMYrun said...

It is usually recommended that you do a "hill workout" once weekly (or every 2-3 weeks). You can do drills such as: find a hill (or run with several ups and downs) that will take you approximately 90 seconds to run up.

Run up 90 seconds, then jog slowly down. Repeat 6-8 times.

It works!

carla said...

Im on it!



Katy said...

Crumbs, funny you should say that. My nephews' cross country team actually has to train at the dump because it's the only hilly place around!

our little world said...

When I was in that outside bootcamp, our trainer was really big on hill running. We'd sprint up, walk down a few times, then he'd have us walk up and run down. I hated them, but they worked!

Shelley said...

There's a "hill run" as part of my Fitness Magazine 1/2 marathon training. I just thought it was to help with endurance. I didn't realize it would make me Speedy Shelley. Geez! What was I thinkin'!?