Monday, March 17, 2008

Race Season Has Officially Begun!

I got my '08 race season off to a great start on Saturday with the Van Metre 5 mile run for Children's Hospital. My husband and 2 boys came out with me to run the 1 mile "fun run" and having them there really made it a fun morning. The race was so much fun. The people were fantastic and everyone was having a great time. The 5 miles twisted through various streets in the Broadlands neighborhood and what made that so cool was the people who came out of their houses to watch and cheer us on. Lots of kids still in their feetie jammies standing in their driveways waving and cheering. One kid even had a huge cow bell! They were fantastic. It seriously made me want to move into that neighborhood! The race had a pretty big hill right in the beginning of it which proved to be a bit challenging but I managed to get behind two guys who seriously had the biggest calves I have ever seen. I think they were firemen or something. Whatever. Watching their calves is what got me up that hill! The weather was perfect - bright sunshine and just a bit of wind. I couldn't be happier with my finish, I came in 7th in my age group out of 53 of us with a time of 40:13. I was hoping to finish in 44 or 45 minutes so 40 was thrilling! My boys loved the 1 mile run. They got medals and t-shirts and thought it was the coolest thing ever! They even got lucky and won a couple of door prizes - a remote control plane for my 7 year old and a t-ball set for my 4-year old. How kid-friendly is that!? Oh, and nice picture right? It has become impossible to get 2 kids to smile (normally) at the same time!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!


carla said...

how sweet is this entire post.

thanks for sharing the pic as well,


Anonymous said...

Awww!! Your post makes me want to run away from home and join your family...and eat your homemade chocolate chip cookies and discover Christmas presents hidden in the closets...And I think Andrea should put that adorable picture on the front page of the SMR website.
Oh...and you are tiny. I'm no shrinking violet, mind you, but're adorable!

seeMOMMYrun said...

LOVE that photo! You can see the admiration in your kids' faces and body language!!! Send me the original so I can use it on the site or in some marketing materials!!


our little world said...

You guys are so sweet! I do love my boys - they are very 'huggy' still!

channelmarker said...

How fun!! I swear I love this group of blogging women who I don't even really know!!

Crumbs said...

That sounds like a cool race! How cool that your boys went for a mile. I remember as a kid thinking that a mile was a crazy long distance.