Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hello new leaf!!! once again Im turning you over.

sometimes I feel as though I (we?) are unlike many women.
I really do make the time to eat well.
I know that when I dont I feel tired, get sick, become crabby, become TIRED and Im no good to *anyone.*

that said, I need to be a smidge more encouraging? firm? nagging? (who can say) with my toddler and HER food selections.

I fear I give in too easily because Im often just happy she is eating SOMETHING.

Im going to try these.

Ill letcha know how it goes.

want something you should try for YOU?

check out this site.

one word: YUM.


Suzanne said...

That's why I love SMR! I find that there are other not crazy people like me who go against the tide of the modern diet. I dole out 1 cookie at a time for dessert only for 1 meal a day and sometimes I declare no dessert. We talk about food choices and all. My kids don't know what fast food is and they are 4 and 6.

But some of my girlfriends claim that I'm an inspiration for healthy eating and exercise. My husband declares that it's one of the things that made me attractive to him.

So there must be something in it! We're not totally alone... just in the minority.

carla said...

and sometime the minority is quite fun, huh?



Anonymous said...

Personally, I think it is an absolute atrocity that the kids of this nation develop such a 'taste' for junk. It's not that way in Europe where fast food is inaccessible enough that it's just not worth it. My daughter went to first grade in a German school, kids brought whole grain breads smeared with fresh cheese, munched on lettuce leaves and carrots and drank juice. All the sugar here is disgusting.
Really, you've hit a nerve with this one, Carla. If not given a choice, how can children grow up to choose?
Great recipe ideas.

carla said...

I totally agree.

we hit McD's or Chickfila daily.

what do we get (it's toddler eating time when we go...not mine) grilled chicken which I cut for her and apples at mcd & same but fruit cup at the 'fila.

sometimes I just need fast and easy :) but it CAN BE HEALTHY.

C. (yes Im the mom blotting her grilled chix to suck up some fat)

Crumbs said...

I stopped eating meat years ago (but not fish), so I've gotten used to not relying on fast food. But now when I'm on the road and desperate for kid food, we stop at a grocery store and buy a California roll. They are usually under $4, perfect bite size and a complete meal.
I also store granola bars & nuts in my car because it keeps me nicer.