Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stroller Maintenance

So, we are careful to maintain our cars as per manufacturers recommendations to change the oil, rotate tires, etc. And my husband is particularly neurotic about taking care of his many bicycles. Yet, the jogging stroller receives very little attention until things really start to fall apart.In anticipation of putting an infant in our loyal double jogger, I replaced all 3 tires (yes, you can see the wires underneath the worn-away rubber) and the brake caliper (rusted open), brake pads (large chunks were worn away) and brake cable.*

I suppose that occasionally washing off the mud, lubricating moving parts and rotating the tires wouldn't hurt...

* Customer service at Dreamer Design has been VERY helpful with ordering replacement parts.

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StrollerFittin2 said...

OOOO, the truth in this. Besides everything you listed about the stroller checks, make sure that your stroller is locking properly, too. I just had an incident where my old beloved Schwinn double jogging stroller, that I have used for many a StrollerFit class and long distance runs,,,COLLAPSED! Yes, my 2 children were in it. I had just began my run and went to push back on the handle to elevate up onto the ramp for the sidewalk from the road and BOOM, it happened. My lil' guys were dragged a bit. Both were bruised and scraped up a bit, but fine otherwise.
It just goes to show you, even though you do things the same day in and day out,and everything is fine. These things can happen. Check your strollers and make sure they are locking properly every time you go for a run with your babies!!! Just a friendly word of caution for one that has been there!
Now, I need to look for a new stroller and ooo the dilemmas in that:)
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